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Data Management

Data management is the basis of Dagong’s core competitiveness. In order to produce standard, systematic and product credit information data and timely and accurately include the ratings and researching data from different areas into the database, Dagong established an innovative data management system centering on the global credit search engine, which is in line with the demand for a reform in ratings in the Internet era.

1. Management objective. Dagong aims to strengthen efforts in automatic and networked rating and information, promote the integration of data resources, research and technology development as well as guarantee professional and scientific rating and management works and supervise and control rating management risks and systematic risks.

2 .We have organized data management according to the three-level principles. Data Center is responsible for organizing, building and managing related data services, and all the data management offices responsible for the daily data collecting, processing auditing and management.

3 .We have built and improved the risk management and control system. The system will evaluate the uniformity, accuracy and stability of rating results, as well as the quality of rating reports according to regulatory requirements by using regulatory analytical approaches, such as progressive matrix exponent and interest margin.

4. Based on the dual-rating system, we incorporate opinions of data analysts in the rating process to prevent technical and ethical risks brought by the situation that ratings are conducted only by ratings analysts and to mitigate rating and management risks.

5.Continuously provide data research and support for rating business and fundamental research.