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Review Management

The Credit Review Committee, an independent and permanent organization- is established to specifically responsible for managing the review system. Its main duties can be detailed as follows: to review and finalise the technical and research development strategies and implementation strategies of Dagong Credit, as well as various review technical criteria and research achievements; to review and approve the appeal request for projects and determine the candidates for review meeting on the appealing project; to review and finalise various technical criteria; to recommend the candidate members for the Credit Review Committee; evaluate the work quality of the of the professional Credit Review Committee, to finalise credit ratings and rating outlook; and to evaluate credit rating and quality of work.

The Credit Review Committee's work concerns not only the fate of rated enterprises and the interests of investors, but also Dagong Credits and Dagong Group’s survival and development. In order to guarantee credit review process’s compliance with relevant regulations, conduct comprehensive and scientific professional review and produce independent, objective and fair rating results, Dagong Credit has established an innovative review management system, which mainly includes:

1. Dagong has realized the three-level management of assessment work, that is, the Credit Assessment Committee is the first level assessment organization, which has four specialized second-level assessment organizations: business, public service, finance and structure; each second-level assessment committee can establish different industrial assessment committees according to its demands.

2. Dagong has innovated in assessment supervision mechanism and has implemented the credit assessment consulting system, that is, to establish consultant seats in the assessment committee; and the members of Dagong’s research groups of industry, subjects, data and law that are related to the assessed project or the external specialists will attend the meeting for assisted assessment; the staff of quality and compliance evaluation will attend the meeting to supervise, and they shall be authorized the proposal right, warning right and declaration right towards the assessment (voting or veto excluded).

3. Dagong strengthens the assessment committee team and forms a specialized assessment committee of 25 members.

4. Dagong has established and improved the assessment standards, working systems and processes of nearly 40 industry or business, achieved digital rating and raised assessment quality and efficiency.

5. Dagong strengthens specialized training and technical communication which has trained a group of highly professional, diligent and responsible assessment committee members, preventing evaluation accidents and default risk events.

6. Dagong firmly follows its correct rating concept and continues to promote the application, resolving the excessive expansion of credit risk with impartial and rigorous ratings.

The working objective of Dagong Credit’s Credit Assessment Committee is: under the instruction of the Guiding Principles of Credit Rating, centering around the basic elements of building core competitiveness, through developing innovative technology system and improving fundamental management, Dagong will strengthen the assessment management system, enhance the capability of systematically analyzing, recognizing, evaluating and warning credit risks and ensure the stability, consistency and comparability in ratings.

In recent years, risk events frequently occur in the debt market. Dagong Credit’s Credit Assessment Committee relies on the correct rating concept which has been affirmed by the practice and has been focusing on resolving the excessive expansion of credit. Dagong’s rating results are considered to be the most stable in market, which have received wide recognition and appreciation from the investors.